Wednesday, November 05, 2008

3D artwork

Material: Daluang paper, wire, paper art.
Techinique: Looping,paper making, printing
120cm x 45cm (variable: 5 item)

3D product

detail from: "The Trophy"

"The Trophy"
Material: Silk Fabric, Polyester.
Technique: kolase, burn out, surface design

new textile

detail for new textile artwork
Material: tulle, lace brocade, and wax
Technique: surface design

new textile

This is an exploration's called creative fabric or surface design as well. (top)
Work with image analisis and sensitifity of any kind material there can be used to make a new textile material or fabric.

This is detail from an exploration technique called burnout. (down)
Material: white denim

Fiber artwork

"Direction" #2
Material: Saeh fiber andDaluang paper.
Technique: Felting, Embroidery, Running stich
Size: 90cm x 110 cm

Taman Budaya Jogjakarta
3-11 Januari 2009

Fiber artwork

"Direction" #2
Material: Saeh fiber, daluang paper, wire.
Technique: Felting, paper making, weaving, kolase
Size: 95cm x 125 cm (2D)